Cleo’s Crias

Our first crias are on the ground.  Having bred and raised horses for a number of years, this experience comes with a lot of similar activity and yet there are a number of new things to remember when working with the females and the crias.  I never weighed a newboarn foal but we do weigh the newborn cria within the hour after they are born.  We also watch for the nursing aspecting and whether we need to supplement with mother's milk particularly with first time mothers.  We also have learned about checking to see all the immune functions have or are working as a newborn once 24 hours comes around. The vet comes within a day to give the horses their boosters and verify they are in good health as well as the mare has done her cleaning.  This occurs with the alpacas also.  It is amazing how quick the babies are up and moving around.  We've learn to isolate the female and her cria to give her a chance to know her baby but usually with another female.

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