Microsoft Technology Associate Certification

The Microsoft Technology Associate exams consists of seven different exams in three different categories.   These are new to promote the career path for the student interested in the IT job environment.  These will start with the Associate, then the Specialist, on up to the Master and Architect level of certification.

The IT Pro has exams for Networking Fundamentals, the Security Fundamentals, the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals and the Windows Operating System Fundamentals.  This can be followed with the additional exams to achieve the MCTS status.

The Developer exams consists of Software Development Fundamentals, Web Development Fundamentals, Windows Development Fundamentals and .Net Fundamentals. Again this can lead to the MCTS exams also.

The third area is the Database which as the Database Administration Fundamental exam which can lead up to additional exams for the SQL Server implentation and database development for the MCTS level.

The exams are an on line exam with a multiple quetion type over a timed period.  The results are known upon completion of the exam.  There are objectives to be had to understand more detail of each area that is covered in the particular exam as well.

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