Internet and Computing Core Certification

The Internet Computer Core Certification is a three part certification in the following areas:  Computer Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living On Line.  Since the original certifcation, there have been several versions to accommodate the change in operating systems, application version changes and use, and the Internet Explorer version changes.

The section called Computer Fundamentals covers three basic areas of knowledge-Computer Hardware, Computer Software  and Operating Systems.  These questions, which carry many forms, are interactive, true and false, matching, mltiple choice and multiple answers. 

The Key Applications section covers the use of Windows, Word Processing functions, spreadsheet functions, and presentation functions using one of the Microsoft Office versions as a basis. This has more performance based tasks but does include other types of questions in the testing.

The Living on Line section entails the use of email, the use of the Internet, the effect of society and ethics.  This exams carries all types of questions also.

The participant is allowed 45 minutes for each section and they do not have to be taken all at the same time.  The certification requires the passage of all three parts, and can be done in combination based on the material the participant is using when taking the tests.

It can be taken online or in a certified testing center but both require a proctor to administer the exams. The proctor can help you determine which version or combination of exams to complete your certification.

You may call for questions and appointments for testing at 704-663-9785.


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