Solid and Spotted Saddlebred Horses

Keuka Lake Pinto Farm is a breeding operation for the Solid and Spotted Saddlebred horses.  We have the double registered spotted Saddlebreds that lead back to the beautiful parade horses as well as the fine harness horses.  Society's Hy Genius was our foundation stallion. He was shown as a 5 gaited horse for many years and then to the breeding barn.  One of his son's won a World Reserve in Louisville as a Fine Harness Horse.  He was shown by professionals in the Northeast, and then Kentucky.  After that he became an Amateur horse under saddle and was shown in a variety of classes by adults and youth riders.  With the purchase of Sultan's Warhawk, we concentrated on the solid stock, and the development of quality horses that could serve many purposes.

Today we have 3 solid stallions .We have moved  the farm to  North Carolina where the stallions are standing, and a few mares bred expecting foals in 2018.


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