Certification Curriculum and Courseware

We at Keuka Lake Certification and Training Center have the ability to provide unique training as well as provide you with curriculum courseware to prepare you for your certification.

In our business, we can prepare a unique on-site training with or without the certification exams based on the skills of the participants.  We can measure the need for preparation with application training, test-prep training and can give the exams to the participants either the same day or at a later time based on how much experience and skill is shown during the workshop.

We have test-prep software that will prepare you for the exam where you learn concepts, techniques, exam taking skills.  We have the training for you to download and work at home with your own computer or within the classroom situation. This can be single day training, or multiple day training.  The training software we have available is for the Office certificatins, the IC3 certifications, and the MTA certifications.  Others will be available as the developers continue to prepare them. You can contact us at the number provided for additional information on any of these offerings.

For those who need textbooks to learn from we also have those available for you for the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 versions, the QuickBooks, ESL texts and Windows information. 

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