Cleo’s 2012 Crias

See some of the newborns this year.  This is Dutchess's little girl, named Dutchess's Delight.  She is black-bay and very lovable.


Besides, Delight we have four other crias for 2012.  Crystal Delight is a white female,  Melo-D is a rosegray female with extremely good quality fleece, (her fleece just took a third at the VAOBA show in November).  Cabaret is a light fawn female, again with good fleece, and Bronze Seduction a rose-gray male with excellent fleece. 
 We have 4 girl crias and one male cria in the 2012 crop.  Colors are white, beige, fawn, and two rose-gray crias with all this year's crop by Abenake Wski. The girls are all being bred this 2014 year to a variety of herdsires at the 7 Springs Alpaca Farm in Lebonon Va.  We can't wait to see the new cria crop with the new crosses will bring for 2015.

We know that these girls have joined the elite of the alpaca world.  we are concentrating on elite fleece in the beige, fawn colors--thus breeding to develop greater density, bright and fine fleece with high amplitude and great architecture.

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